Harden & Tempered Cold Rolled Strip

Size Range For All Specifications
 Thickness (min/max)Width (min/max)Hardness (HRC)Tensile Strength (MPa)
BG Steels Uk Ltd 0.10 - 3.0mm 5.0 - 545mm 30 - 57 1000 - 2200
  Tolerances to EN 10140 A/B/C - Stricter upon request  


  • Grey- Blue
  • Bright
  • White/Yellow/Blue polished
  • Ground


  • As Slit
  • As Slit and Deburred
  • Special Edges

Condition Of Supply

In Coils or Straight Lengths

Coils: ID = 400 - 800mm
OD = Max. 1500mm
Coil-Weight Max. 5T

BG Steels Uk Ltd

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Standard Specifications
Carbon GradesAlloy Grades
C45S 50CRV4
C55S 75CR1
C60S C75S+2%NI
C67S 80CRV2
C75S D6A
C80W1 X20Cr13
C85S X30Cr13
C100S X46Cr13
Other Steel Grade Available Upon Request.
Including Stainless.